Year Three | 2022

Below are the breads we’re baking this year.
Click for photo links to the 52 breads from Year One and the 52 breads from Year Two.
If you’re new to baking, check out the Tips page for everything I wish I’d known before I began!
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Week 106: Couronne Bordelaise

If Pain de Campaigne (Week 59) is the king of breads, then the Couronne Bordelaise is most definitely the queen. It’s easier to make than it looks so give it a try! Professionals use a special basket to shape the crown, but you can make one at home with a 9″ cake pan and very…

Week 105: Chocolate Sourdough

This decadent loaf is reminiscent of Cadbury’s popular Fruit & Nut chocolate bar. It’s got a soft, chewy crumb, a sturdy, crisp crust and is loaded with raisins, almonds and chocolate chips. I’ve adopted it from the Chocolate Sourdough Noir I found on Emilie Raffa’s website, The Clever Carrot. The website and her book, Artisan…