Year Two | 2021

This week, we’re testing a new method for making pita, and will post that on Friday.
Below are the breads we’ve been baking this year; click here for descriptive photo links to all 52 breads from Year One.

Week 57: Cherry Choc-tabulous

Satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt! Inspired by Rogue Ale’s Cherry Choctabulous, with a hint of cardomon and coffee, this bread is as good with a cold glass of milk as it is with a glass of red wine. Recipe makes one loaf, and there’s also instruction for individual Chocolate-Cherry Bombes.

Week 56: Hot Cross Buns

ENGLAND: These yeasty, heavenly spiced buns are typically eaten on Good Friday, celebrating the end of Lent. There are a multitude of references to the cross representing the crucifixion of Christ, and suggestions that the spices signify those used to embalm, but as food historian Ivan Day says, “The trouble with any folk food, any traditional food, is […]

Week 55: Sour Sourdough

This is a shorter, less complicated method of making sourdough, with excellent results. Nice rise, sturdy crisp crust, and a chewy interior. It does not have the extreme open crumb, but honestly, I find that annoying if I’m trying to make a sandwhich, so that suits me just fine. I used all bread flour, but […]

Week 54: Sourdough

If you do a Google search for sourdough recipes, you’ll get 25,600,000 results. There is a ton of information — and misinformation — to sift through. I tested five different methods and this version, from Full Proof Baking’s Kristen Dennis was the clear winner. Although it is time consuming, and a little tricky, the instructions […]

Week 53: “Sourdough” Starter

The word “Sourdough” is in quotes because the name is a total misnomer. This is a wild yeast starter, and not all breads made with this non-commerical yeast are always sour. Using this type of starter (also known as a levain) doesn’t equate to making a sourdough loaf, and it’s often used to make all […]