Week 7: Naan

INDIA: An easy, quick version of this flat bread, made with baking soda instead of yeast, cutting the time down drastically. Order take out, and your naan will be ready by the time it arrives. This is the version presented to contestants on the Great British Baking Show as their technical challenge (S9E3).

Naan Bread with Garlic Ghee | Baker: Paul Hollywood

Ingredientsflour, salt, baking powder, milk, yogurt, egg, sugar
Rise Time30 minutes
Equipmentoutdoor grill (optional)

Jack is one of my favorite video baker/instructors. Apparently, he also keeps a Great British Bake Off Video Diary, commenting on each episode. Scroll to minute 6:04 to see his take on the controversial naan technical challenge that did not require the use of yeast.


I did not make ghee. I just unwrapped one end of a stick of butter and rubbed it all along the hot naan.


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