Week 41: Cinammon Rolls

These “Perfectly Pillowy Cinammon Rolls” are King Arthur Baking Company’s 2020 Recipe of the Year. What really makes them stand out is that they can be made a day (or two or three) ahead of time without losing their fluffy structure. I read all 389+ comments so you don’t have to, and listed reviewers’ tips that I found most useful. My advice? Make half with orange marmalade — you won’t regret it! And, yes, they do have recipes for two icings; I just forgot to take a photo.

King Arthur Baking Company’s Perfectly Pillowy Cinammon Rolls


  1. Make 10 or 12 instead of 8 (many folks found them too large)
  2. Tuck the end bit under the rolls so it doesn’t separate out during baking
  3. Pat the filling down, to make it stick, rather than use more butter (cuz it’ll just melt and ooze out)
  4. Use a cake pan for straight/even rolls (KA suggests putting them spaced apart on a cookie sheet. Many readers found that they then leaned a lot.) I used 2 cake pans. You could also use a muffin tin for 12, or a 13″ x 9″ pan.
  5. You can cool, then put the icing on, and freeze
  6. Don’t roll to tight, they won’t rise as well
  7. Add raisins to the frosting
  8. Use a 13″ x 9″ pan
  9. Brown the butter for the filling (2.5 tblsp)
  10. Cut off ends to make them neater
  11. 1% or 2% milk works, as does non-dairy milks and butters
  12. Add some cardamon to the orange rolls’ icing
  13. Add 1/4 tsp cardomon to the melted butter you brush on top
  14. Pinch rolls to seal


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