Week 58: Same Day Sourdough

Baking a sourdough loaf is a two-day affair, because there are so many stages in the prepping and proofing. I set out to find if it was possible to a.) make a loaf in one day, and b.) be 100% satisfied with the result. And, I’m here to tell you that there is! This is a method for baking a sourdough loaf with no overnight rise, and if you get started early enough, (8:00 AM) you’ll have a warm loaf to bring to the dinner table.

I found the recipe on “The Regular Chef’s” YouTube channel, linked below. His method make two loaves, I’ve cut that in half, and wrote out those ingredients below, with a sample schedule so you can plan accordingly. Have fun!

11:00 PM | Activate your STARTER (takes about 8 hours)

8:00 | Mix LEVAIN then rest 2 hours

  • 25g mature sourdough starter
  • 15g white flour
  • 10g whole wheat (or 25g white)
  • 25g Room Temperature Water

10:00 | Mix REMAINING DOUGH then rest 30 minutes

  • 300g Unbleached Bread Flour
  • 35g Whole Wheat Flour
  • 70g levin
  • 255g water

10:30 | Mix in SALT + WATER then rest 30 minutes

  • 7g Salt
  • 15g water

11:00 | Three STREACH & FOLDS and rest 30 minutes after each one
12:30 | Two COIL FOLDS and rest 30 minutes after each one

1:30 | Shape into a batard or a boule and place in battenon. Rest 90 minutes

3:00 | Place in fridge for final 90 minutes rest, and turn oven to 500 degrees

4:30 | Score + Bake!

9:00Bake @ 47520 minutes
9:20Remove lid10 minutes
10:30Bake @ 42510-15 min
10:45Cool in oven with door open20 min


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