Week 11: Sandwich Rye

This is the first of three rye breads on my list, and a great loaf for beginners. It’s a sturdy, easy, straight forward recipe, and doesn’t take a lot of active time, which makes it perfect for those of us “baking while working”. I’ve doubled the caraway seeds, for just a little more flavor.

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Week 9: Focaccia

ITALY: A thick, airy, flat bread with a lot of potential. It’s delicious with the traditional topping of olive oil, salt and rosemary. Or, you can join the Focaccia Bread Art movement and make it a meal. I tested a few quicker versions, with just one rise time, but this version, with a super wet dough and the addition of a salamoia (brine) is the most authentic. Plus, the four rises/folds ever 30 minutes are a great excuse to get up from your desk and move, if you’re working from home!

The Easiest Focaccia | Ethan Chlebowski

Rise time: 20 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 60
Equipment: None!

9 gramsyeast
335 gramswater (110 degrees)
450 gramsflour (all purpose or bread)
9 gramssalt
9 gramsolive oil
20 gramsolive oil
20 gramswater

Week 3: Boule

FRANCE: A round, heavy loaf baked in a pot with a lid (it doesn’t have to be a dutch oven). I chose this version because of the detailed instructions, great videos, delicious taste, and the no-knead method. If you learn how to make just one bread this should be the one. The perfect loaf to impress!

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