Week 100: Everything Focaccia (SD)

Making focaccia with sourdough and everything bagel seasoning gives it just a little more umph, both in texture and flavor. If you don’t have a starter on hand, check out Week 9: Focaccia and/or Week 33: Winemaker’s Foaccia made with grapes.

You’ll need to refresh your starter the night before, (or really early in the morning) and be forewarned that once you mix the dough, it will need to proof overnight in the fridge.

Here are the ingredients so you can have them at the ready and follow along to the video linked below. I am so pleased to have stumbled Mile Zero Kitchen’s video tutorials. They are as informative as they are relaxing, and I highly recommend them.

  • 100g active Liquid Starter
  • 320g Water
  • 400g Bread Flour
  • 15g Olive Oil
  • 8g Salt


  • Substitute the 8g salt with 6g salt + 2g everything bagel seasoning. And put cream cheese in some of the dents.
  • Sprinkle the fresh herbs (I use basil) on just after the focaccia comes out of the oven, to keep it from burning.
  • I line my baking pan with parchment so I can easily lift out the bread.


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